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Times are moving fast and more is demanded for less. The economic environment is one of uncertainty and is placing even greater challenges on businesses of all sizes.

In the 80's when times were good, cashflow was never a problem and staff numbers were at levels, in hindsight, of excess proportion to turnover. Today, we as business people cannot afford excessive levels of staff and do not have the financial capacity to exist as comfortably as before. By partnering with you, we can overcome these two hurdles.

Businesses today are outsourcing their services due to the high costs involved in staffing and are taking the opportunity to use resources on more value added activities.

Computer Systems are the only way to compete efficiently in the market place, and there is no way of getting around that fact. How many businesses can sustain staff to maintain and update their in-house systems on a regular basis while at other times be idle just waiting for something to do?

We have a solid understanding of what is required in Accounting Solutions and Accounting Services. Highlighted by Receivables Management and why it is so important to collect monies owed within the terms offered. No business can survive today with debtors that remain outstanding for extensive periods of time. You are not a finance company and many of your suppliers will not give you extended credit, therefore you cannot allow your customers to extend your finances to breaking point.

Your organisation can reduce costs through less staff or by redeploying staff members to the core areas of your business to assist in producing more profits.

Our customers do what they do best and we do what we do best. Together we form partnerships that ensure the most effective usage of technology, skills and experience for the benefit of increased efficiencies and Business Profits.

We truly hope that we can help you and refer to you as another strategic Business Partner.

All the best in business,

Steve Bear & Heath Biggs