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Arrow Financials

Cashbook Module

The Cashbook in particular has designed into it strong Cash Management features which are not only desirable, but essential in today's business environment.

The Cashbook has been designed to minimise the data entry requirements, therefore all receipts and payments will automatically update the appropriate Debtor and Creditor accounts. More..

Debtors Module

The Debtors module has been designed to provide the operator with numerous time saving features, together with the ease of use which is a feature found throughout the ARROW accounting system. More..

Stock Module

The Stock module provides accurate stock control for the Organisation. The module can be run stand alone or integrated to the other modules in the system. Due to the integration of the modules, the full cycle of stock movement can be monitored from the initial purchase of the goods to the eventual sale. The Stock module can be extended with the Multi-Warehouse option. More..

Creditors Module

The Creditors module has been designed to minimise the keystrokes required by the operator. Together with the default facility this allows for maximum efficiency on data input. More..

General Ledger Module

The General Ledger is an integral part of the system. But can also be run stand alone if required. The update to General Ledger although automated, the timing of the update is controlled by the operator. This provides complete control over the integrity of the data being updated. More..

Extended Ledger Module

The Arrow Extended General Ledger Option provides the ability to custom define and segment your chart of accounts. This is a benefit for those companies who require "multi-level" dissection of transactions within the general ledger. More..

Foreign Currency Module

The Arrow Foreign Currency module provides the ability to enter purchase orders, creditors invoices, sales orders, debtor invoices and credit notes in a foreign currency. More..

Sales Orders Module

The Sales Order module is integrated to the other modules in the ARROW ACCOUNTING SYSTEM. The system allows you to control your complete order cycle from entering quotes and converting these into sales orders, which in turn can be converted into debtors invoices. More..

Job & Time Costing Module

The Job/Time Costing module is integrated to the other ARROW FINANCIALS MODULES. It has the flexibility of allowing you to use the module for job costing, time costing or both. More..

Payroll Module

The ARROW financials system has been designed to ensure ease of use, together with powerful features and functionality. This is particularly true of the Payroll module. More..

Purchase Orders Module

Integrated to the Creditors, Stock, Sales Orders Job Costing and Bill of Materials modules, Purchase Orders allows efficient entry of and control over orders placed on suppliers. More..

Bill of Materials Module

The ARROW Bill of Materials module provides the tool through which raw material stock levels are optimised by effective material requirement planning and stock control. More..

Fixed Assets Module

The Fixed Assets module easily maintains accurate and timely balances on assets calculating both book and tax values. Providing complete movement and history of assets including depreciation calculations, revaluations, disposals and asset transfers. More..