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Security Menu Option

The Security Menu option has been designed to restrict and control access to menu options, relating to an individual user and their security level. When a user logs into Arrow, the menu displayed is customised according to each user. More..

Multi-Company Option

In environments where there is more than one company operating, the Multi-Company Option has been developed to assist and streamline the creation and optional consolidation of these companies. More..

Special Pricing Option

The Special Pricing option provides the ability to set up and maintain special prices for stock and customer. More..

Data Transfer Option

The Data Transfer module enables data to be transferred between locations. For example where a national company has offices in every state they are able to send and receive information between the branches and the head office. Data Transfer can optionally integrate to the following modules: Cashbook, Debtors, Stock, Creditors, General Ledger, Sales Orders, Job Cost, Payroll and Bill of Materials. More..

Serial / Batch Tracking

The Arrow Serial Tracking option provides the mechanism to easily and immediately identify, monitor and track the movement of stock items by their unique characteristic, being a serial number, batch or roll. More..

Advanced Sales Analysis Option

The Advanced Sales Analysis Option includes a compilation of reports, dissecting sales statistics in a number of different ways. More..

QuickForms Module

The QuickForms Module is an easy to use Forms Manager for use with Arrow Financials. More..

Seagate Crystal Reports

Seagate Crystal Reports is an award winning report writing tool, with over 3 million installed users world wide. It combines presentation quality reporting with an easy to use, yet extremely powerful report writer. More..