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ArrowLink is the gateway to business connectivity. It facilitates the exchange of information or data between Arrow Financials and third party or external software applications and frontends.

ArrowLink maintains the integrity of the information updating into Arrow by validating the incoming data against the business rules controlled within the ArrowLink gateway. This data exchange occurs in real time on-line, which ensures your data is as up-to-date as the last transaction entered.

Providing a mechanism of controlled data exchange is critical in today's business environment, where customer service and satisfaction is your "leading edge". In some business environments a custom or vertical market program maybe required to fulfill the needs of some businesses. Such a situation in the past would normally necessitate two separate applications running independently with no integration. Requiring the double entry of data, wasting valuable time and resources. Or perhaps a batch update scenario leading to a "time lag" of the data in both systems, which could lead to incorrect decisions or assumptions being made. ArrowLink provides a solution to these two costly inefficiencies and barriers, by providing a revolutionary gateway into Arrow.