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ArrowSAM provides you with a centralised sales and management approach, shared amongst your executive, sales and customer service teams, with one goal in mind: a happy customer. Happy customers lead to more sales, either directly or from referrals.

A web-based interface ensures that access to information is available anytime wherever there is a connection to the internet. Management gains improved control over business processes, whether in the office, on the road, or overseas. Sales staff can become more informed and more flexible with access to customer sales performance and details. Field staff with access to up-to-date information regarding stock levels while on-site and being able to guarantee order delivery and fulfilment to your customers.

Marketing campaigns can be generated to contacts within the database, filtered so that it reaches only those you want it to. With the in-built reporting function you can track the success of your campaigns.

ArrowSAM integrates to Arrow Financials via ArrowLink, ensuring real-time information that is accurate. Knowledge is power.