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ArrowShop extends the traditional scope of financial business software solutions by providing the mechanism for businesses to place their products and services on the Internet. When combined with Arrow Financials customers with Internet access can view stock balances on line, enter an order or perhaps just check their account balance.

Customer satisfaction is greatly increased due to the fast turnaround time in ordering. No third party front-end is required as ArrowShop integrates on-line with Arrow Financials, which ensures data integrity and that the information presented via the Internet is as up-to-date as the last transaction entered. ArrowShop updates Arrow Financials in real-time on-line, within a safe and secure environment.

Traditionally small/medium businesses (SMB) have been excluded from on-line trading as most e-commerce solutions are targeted at large corporations and require a budget far beyond the capabilities of SMB. However, ArrowShop when combined with Arrow Financials offers the SMB market an affordable, functional e-commerce and total business solution.

The advantages of an e-commerce solution include assisting business owners in lowering overhead operational costs and providing a web-based store that enables customers to review and order products/services offered by a business at any time.

ArrowShop encompasses the key elements of a solid e-commerce solution, increases in productivity, and customer loyalty through the delivery of better customer service.