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Infinity Outsourcing Group can provide your business with the right tools to streamline your accounts management, from the design of policy to the management of your accounts functions.

Why would your business benefit?

There is nothing better than making a sale but nothing worse when your client won't pay. Why go through the anxiety of the debt collection and the loss in revenue when having correct procedures in place would have helped to minimise the risk in the first place.

Why Infinity? Infinity has 15 years of experience behind it when it comes to formulating Credit and Receivables process implementations and improvements, working with a variety of clients from a local trader to large multi-nationals. At the end of the day every business needs a thorough anf complete accounts process, otherwise money is wasted on bad debts.

Infinity can provide Credit Management Services such as:

  • Creation of a company credit policy
  • Risk assessment on current customer base
  • Risk assessment on all prospective customers
  • Review/implementation of terms and conditions
  • Assigning and monitoring customer credit limits
  • Representation at creditors meetings
  • Sales/administration staff training

Or Receivables Management:

  • Collection of entire Accounts Receivable ledger
  • Collection of part of AR Ledger eg. > 60 Days only etc.
  • Cash forecasting
  • Secured system downloads of data for seamless, accurate and speedy action

And the associated Management Reporting:

  • Days sales outstanding reporting - average collection days
  • Breakdown and analysis on debts > 60 days old
  • Customer account reconciliations
  • Doubtful debts provisions
  • Bad debt provisions