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Business is governed by policies and processes, it underpins the day to day activities of generating revenue. Unfortunately most companies don't have these processes formalised and are simply passing on information in an ad hoc manner. What happens if the message is garbled by the sender or the receiver and creates a mistake? What happens if that mistake costs your business money through lost sales or litigation?

Formalising business process is one of the functions Infinity can perform for you. Creating documents that define your business flows or define policy that must be adhered to company-wide to streamline your operations and limit your risk.

Does your company have an Acceptable Use policy for your internal IT system? If not what may be the consequences for your business if a sexual harrassment case was brought against your business for allowing inappropriate material to be downloaded?

Do you know how your sales process really works? If a new employee started tomorrow could they pick up a document that guides them through how to generate a quote or raise an invoice the way you need it to look and feel?

These are just two of the examples of the documentation that Infinity can provide your business with.